Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company NJHPC WAPDA Jobs 2022 OTS

Job Description Posts Qualification Required Junior Engineer (Electrical) BE/BSc Electrical Engineering Junior Engineer (Civil) BE/BSc Civil Engineering Junior Engineer (Mechanical) BE/BSc Mechanical Engineering Age limit 33 years Quota Open Merit Status of the job (Contract for 3 years) Term & Conditions Government employees should apply through the proper channels. During the interview/selection process, only shortlisted … Read more

MEPCO Bill Calculator – Calculate your MEPCO Electric Bill

MEPCO has come up with an online electricity bill calculator that will help customers keep track of their electricity consumption and budget. The calculator is easy to use and can be accessed on MEPCO’s website. To use the calculator, customers first need to enter their MEPCO Reference number. They then need to select their meter … Read more

How to Check MEPCO Bill without Reference Number

MEPCO is the biggest electricity supplier in Pakistan has over 25 million consumers. Mepco provides electricity to various areas in Punjab & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Sindh and Baluchistan regions. After every 2 months, your MEPCO Bill arrives at your doorstep. Now check your latest MEPCO Bill is paid or not without a reference number. Check MEPC … Read more

MEPCO Helpline

MEPCO helpline is another way Multan Electric Power Company provides customer care to its consumers. The best part of being customer of such a company that puts so much effort in taking care of you is that you get amazing customer support. Over the years MEPCO has done a lot to improve the customer service … Read more

How to apply for MEPCO New Connection?

Today, we present you with a guide that will help you to apply for a new connection. If you are shifting a house and that house has no electricity connection, this guide will help you apply for a new MEPCO connection. You can either apply online or you can also visit your nearest MEPCO office. … Read more

What if I don’t pay MEPCO bill

You have to pay the bill on time as this is your responsibility as a citizen of Pakistan. This payment helps the parent company and the government of Pakistan to ensure a streamline and smooth distribution of the electricity all across the region. The tax money also helps MEPCO better the system and facilities. If … Read more