MEPCO Bill Calculator – Calculate your MEPCO Electric Bill

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MEPCO has come up with an online electricity bill calculator that will help customers keep track of their electricity consumption and budget. The calculator is easy to use and can be accessed on MEPCO’s website.

To use the calculator, customers first need to enter their MEPCO Reference number. They then need to select their meter reading date and enter the amount of electricity used in kilowatt hours (kWh). The calculator will then show the customer how much they have spent on electricity so far this year and how much they are likely to spend by the end of the year.

The calculator is a great tool for customers who want to stay informed about their electricity consumption and budget It allows them to see how their electricity usage changes each month and helps them plan their budget accordingly.

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So if you are an MEPCO customer, be sure to check out the Online MEPCO Bill calculator on MEPCO’s website. It is a great tool that will help you keep track of your electricity consumption and budget.

MEPCO Bill Calculations

By doing simple calculation you can easily calculate your MEPCO Bill at home. There are some calculators that you can use to calculate the bill with the click of jut button. But we recommend you to check the bill manually due to increasing bill price the calculator may give you wrong reading. That’s the reason you must calculate the bill manually.

It takes few minutes and a simple calculator for solving simple mathematical equations.

For the Bill calculation you must have the number of units you consumed.

Follow these steps and get you MEPCO Bill

  1.  The unit of Electricity is Kilo wat Per Hour.
  2. Suppose the READING is 32 Watt
  3. The total consumption time is 10 House
  4.  32 watt x 10 Hours = 320 CFL Per Hour
  5. 320  divided by 1000 = 320/1000=0.32 Kilo watt per hour
  6. Its the amount of electricity consumed in a day.
  7. 0.32 x 30 days = 9.6 KW/H consumed in 30 days

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