History of MEPCO – Evolution of the Electricity Industry in Pakistan

History of MEPCO

Electricity is one of the most crucial elements of modern-day living. From powering our homes and businesses to supporting critical infrastructure, electricity has become an integral part of our lives. Pakistan has come a long way in the electricity sector, and the evolution of MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) is a testament to this growth. … Read more

How to File a Complaint Against MEPCO? Complete Procedures

File a Complaint Against MEPCO

Are you struggling with excessive electric bills from the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO)? Do you feel that the charges mentioned in your electric bill are unfair or inaccurate? If yes, then you have the right to file a complaint against MEPCO’s electric bill. This article will guide you through the procedures and contact information … Read more

MEPCO Smart Meters – Benefits and Drawbacks of Digital Metering

MEPCO Smart Meters

As technology continues to evolve, traditional utility meters have become outdated. Digital meters have been introduced, which are more efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly. MEPCO, one of the largest electric supply companies in Pakistan, has also adopted digital metering. Here we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of MEPCO Smart Meters, and how they compare … Read more

MEPCO Power Surges – How to Protect Your Electronics?

How to Protect Your Electronics andplia Apnces

Power surges are unpredictable and often devastating events that can cause significant damage to your electronic appliances. A surge protector, also called a surge suppressor or surge diverter can protect your devices from damage caused by power surges. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to protect your electronics and appliances … Read more

MEPCO Power Outages – What to Do in Case of Blackouts?

MEPCO Electric Bill and Power Outages

Electricity is one of the necessities of modern life. We depend on it for everything, from lighting our homes and powering our appliances to running our businesses and factories. However, power outages can occur anytime, leaving us without electricity and in the dark. This is especially true in developing countries like Pakistan, where power outages … Read more

MEPCO Electric Bill and Renewable Energy – Time to Go Green with Solar Panels

MEPCO Electric Bill and Renewable Energy

When the world is becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of climate change, it is important to explore alternative energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint. One such alternative is solar energy. In this article, we will explore how solar panels can help you save on your MEPCO electric bill while reducing your environmental impact. … Read more

MEPCO Electric Bill and Tariff Rates – Understand your Electric Bill

MEPCO Electric Bill and Tariff Rates

If you are a Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) consumer, understanding your electricity bill can be challenging, especially with the numerous charges and taxes involved. To help you navigate through this complex topic, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to understanding MEPCO electric bill and tariff rates. This guide will explain the various charges included … Read more

How to Check MEPCO Bill without Reference Number 2024

Check mepco bill without a reference number

MEPCO is the biggest electricity supplier in Pakistan has over 25 million consumers. Mepco provides electricity to various areas in Punjab & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Sindh and Baluchistan regions. After every 2 months, your MEPCO Bill arrives at your doorstep. Now check your latest MEPCO Bill is paid or not without a reference number. Check MEPC … Read more

View Bill Online

Enter Your 15 Digit Reference Number and click on Generate to get your MEPCO Bill. How to Check the MEPCO Bill Online? – Short Guide All you need is the 14 Digit Reference Number on your MEPCO bill. You can find the reference number on your previous bill. The step by step procedure is discussed … Read more

MEPCO Rates 2024 – Check the Latest MEPCO Rates


This website provides all the information on MEPCO rates for 2024. The MEPCO provided all the information required for a new connection including MEPCO Rates 2024. Here you can get information about the unit price, the new connection fee, the new meter charges, the free supply form, the new connection fee, the MEPCO withholding tax … Read more

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator – Calculate your Exact Bill

MEPCO Bill Calculator

Do you want to know how to calculate mepco bills? Use the Mepco bill Calculator here. The estimated bill amount will include all taxes based on the number of units entered. Calculating the estimated amount of my mepco electricity bill does not guarantee the accuracy of the actual bill amount. However, you can check your … Read more

Online MEPCO CNIC Registration

MEPCO CNIC Registration

If you want to register your CNIC online, read this step-by-step guide. The guides will help you complete your Online MEPCO CNIC Registration. To register your card, you no longer need to go down to MEPCO office for it. Follow the written instructions carefully and register your CNIC here. Note: Click Here to Check MEPCO … Read more

What is FPA in MEPCO Electricity Bill?

What is FPA in MEPCO Electricity Bill

You must be asking yourself, what is FPA in the electricity bill? Well, the answer to this is quite simple. FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. In Pakistan, there are a lot of taxes that we pay on the electricity bill. So, if you are a newbie, reading the bill can be quite a difficult … Read more

MEPCO Bill Registration – Get Your MEPCO Bill Through SMS

MEPCO Sms registration

MEPCO offers consumers the option of receiving their bill details via SMS and email as well as by registering. Simply follow these steps to receive your MEPCO consumer bill at home. Your consumers’ bills will be sent to you via email and SMS. MEPCO Bill Registration through SMS Most of people prefer to check Mepco … Read more

What if I don’t pay MEPCO bill?

What if I don’t pay MEPCO bill

You have to pay the bill on time as this is your responsibility as a citizen of Pakistan. This payment helps the parent company and the government of Pakistan to ensure a streamline and smooth distribution of the electricity all across the region. The tax money also helps MEPCO better the system and facilities. If … Read more

How to apply for MEPCO New Connection?

MEPCO New Connection

Today, we present you with a guide that will help you to apply for a new connection. If you are shifting a house and that house has no electricity connection, this guide will help you apply for a new MEPCO connection. You can either apply online or you can also visit your nearest MEPCO office. … Read more

Net Metering Works in Pakistan – Is it Profitable?

net metering in Pakistan

Net metering is a policy in Pakistan that allows customers who own/plan to build Renewable Energy facilities to generate their own electricity and to sell their surplus electricity back to the national grid during off-peak hours or during times when the electricity production from these facilities does not meet the consumer’s needs. Either the consumer … Read more

What is Difference Between MEPCO and PESCO


MEPCO and PESCO are two different companies that come under the supervision of WAPDA in order to distribute electricity to their specific areas. MEPCO stands for Multan electric power company while PESCO stands for Peshawar electric supply company. For paying PESCO online bill, you need to submit your PESCO bill and for MEPCO you need … Read more

MEPCO MIS – Online Information Management System


MEPCO MIS is the online management System that can only be accessed by the MEPCO Line Managers to manage the online information on the MEPCO Portal. The Panel can be accessed by the Username and the pass is only provided to the line Manager. Using the MEPCO MIS Pannel a line manager can access all … Read more

Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company NJHPC WAPDA Jobs 2022 OTS

Job Description Posts Qualification Required Junior Engineer (Electrical) BE/BSc Electrical Engineering Junior Engineer (Civil) BE/BSc Civil Engineering Junior Engineer (Mechanical) BE/BSc Mechanical Engineering Age limit 33 years Quota Open Merit Status of the job (Contract for 3 years) Term & Conditions Government employees should apply through the proper channels. During the interview/selection process, only shortlisted … Read more

How to Apply For Net Metering in Pakistan?

How to Apply for Net Metering

Net Metering Application The DISCO office will accept all applications that comply with the DG’s requirements, as specified in NEPRA’s regulations. Acknowledgement of the application DISCO will acknowledge receipt of the application and inform the applicant if it has been properly completed. It will occur within 5 business days of receipt. A failing application form: … Read more

MEPCO Helpline

mepco helpline

MEPCO helpline is another way Multan Electric Power Company provides customer care to its consumers. The best part of being customer of such a company that puts so much effort in taking care of you is that you get amazing customer support. Over the years MEPCO has done a lot to improve the customer service … Read more

How to Calculate Your Electric Bill?

Calculate Your Electric Bill

By knowing your electric usage, you can calculate your monthly MEPCO electric bill. But how do you find out how much energy you use each month? It’s simple: You just need to know the electricity usage of each appliance and electronic device in your home. The price of electricity is something that most consumers are … Read more