MEPCO Online Bill 2024 – Download April Duplicate MEPCO Bill

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Don’t know how to Check the bill? Dont worry, Bellow not only you will get your MEPCO Online bill but also we have shared a step by guide to help you Check your bill easily on your Mobile Device.

To check your MEPCO Bill Online Just Enter the 14 Digit Reference Number in the Search bar below and click on Generate to Get your Latest Bill.

Check your April MEPCO Bill

Now, you can easily download duplicate bills. We will tell you all about this in the blog, so read it as a comprehensive guide about the MEPCO Bill and how to download and check your MEPCO bill online.

BillMEPCO Bill
Bill Month April
Issue Date06 April
Due Date13 April
Reading Date29 March

Check MEPCO Online Bill April 2024

Another exciting thing is that you can also pay your MEPCO Online Bill. If you want to know more about it, you can also comment on that and we will guide you about that as well. If you are trying to download the MEPCO bill online for the very first time, you do not need to worry as this is a pretty simple thing. You can get your duplicate bill if you follow this guide.

Check MEPCO Online Bill

It is simple and comprehensive. You can read it for yourself and if you like it, you can also share it with your friends because downloading the bill and checking it online is definitely easier than going physically to the MEPCO office and getting it manually.

How to Check MEPCO Online Bill?

Checking your bill online is a pretty easy thing. It is as easy as logging into any of your social media accounts. Sometimes, your bill might not get delivered to your doorstep or get misplaced at home. If this happens, it is such a hassle that you must go to the MEPCO office in your area and wait for your duplicate bill to get printed again. Not anymore. All of your problems are now solved.

All you have to know is the 14 Digit Reference Number mentioned on your MEPCO bill. You can get your relevant reference number from your previous bill. The step by step procedure is discussed as follows.

Check Reference Number

  1. Locate your reference number on a previous bill
  2. Visit our website
  3. Enter the Reference Number in the search bar
  4. Click the search key
  5. Your bill will appear before you.

Now all you have to do is download and print the bill and pay it same like you download your lesco bill. PROBLEM SOLVED. And you also do not have to worry about whether the website will work. The website is always running perfectly. You might face problems due to your internet connection or the website might get slow sometimes. But that is only a rare case. Otherwise, with a good internet connection, you can easily check your bill online and download your duplicate bill. You may also check fesco online bill from

Follow this video to check your MEPCO Duplicate bill

How to Download MEPCO Bill?

Downloading your MEPCO Bill is very easy. You can download your bill by following the steps below or watching the video guide below.

  • Once the page has opened, press CTRL+P to print it
  • You will be redirected to a prompt asking you for your printer.
  • Select “Save as PDF” from the destination option
  • Save the file
  • The MEPCO bill will be automatically downloaded.

Watch the video guide and download the bill.

Receive MEPCO Bill Through Email in 2024

Now there is another problem that MEPCO has completely solved for you. And that is the tension of always being concerned about the delivery of the bill at your home. You wait for the bill first thing in the month and sometimes the bill gets late. Sometimes, the bill might be delivered two days before the due date. This is absolutely frustrating when you have a busy routine and have to make up the time from your busy schedule to pay the dues. But no more. You would like to check pesco online bill to know about your latest bill.

Now you can easily register your email on our website and can register yourself to get your MEPCO bill via email from the next cycle, but we recommend you to check your Mepco bill online. Its fast and easy. This is easy, all you have to do is enter the reference number and your email ID and your MEPCO bill will always be sent to you before the due date.

This is for people who do not want to go through the hassle of always downloading the bill and want it in their email inbox. You can also accumulate a digital record of all your MEPCO bills. It is way safer and more convenient.

Consumer MEPCO Online Bill

The best thing that a company can do for its customers is to provide the best customer care. Consumers are the biggest asset for a company and therefore, they have to be cherished and doted. Hence, MEPCO provides its consumer with the service of online bills. And it is completely free of charge. Can you believe it! Gone were those days when you had to wait in line for long hours or you had to go to the office to get a single piece of paper. This is so efficient in terms of saving your valuable time and money.

consumer mepco bill

A happy consumer means a happy company. And all the companies that invest in making their consumers happy also invest to make themselves happy. The world is going towards automation which makes the life of customers and companies easier than ever. Whoever ignores this fact will be at a loss. Hence, MEPCO did the right thing by setting up this system of online duplicate bills.

As more and more customers get aware of the online world, getting the MEPCO online bill 2023 is becoming more and more relevant. The online payment methods will also become more streamlined once more customers start using them.


MEPCO stands for Multan Electrical Power Company. This is the company responsible for the distribution of electricity in different regions of south Punjab. Not only that, it is also responsible for collecting the bills and regulating customer complaints and other services related to electricity. It was founded back in 1998 and it is licensed by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority).

It comes under the wing of WAPDA and has been serving customers with much better customer care. MEPCO has been serving about 13 cities in southern Punjab and has been overlooking different matters regarding the distribution and billing of electricity. MEPCO is Completely online, Giving you the facility to Apply for the New Connection Online and Pay the Bill Online through Easypaisa, JazzCash and Bank

The mission statement of this company should be self-explanatory about the objectives they are trying to achieve. The mission statement is, “To ensure convenient availability of high-quality power in the area of responsibility, in order to alleviate the poverty, improve quality of life and make the Industrial and Agriculture Sector competitive in the World Market”. Hence the objectives are to ensure the availability of uninterrupted power, support the agriculture and industrial sector, and improve the quality of life of common Pakistanis.

Areas Under MEPCO

It is the largest electricity distribution company that supplies electricity in 13 administrative districts of south Punjab. Hence, the importance of this company is self-explanatory. Most of the customers that it serves are from the villages. Hence, most of the lines are domestic and the customers’ daily lives depend on the services provided by MEPCO.

The following are districts that come under the jurisdiction of MEPCO:

MultanRahim Yar KhanDera Ghazi Khan

Hence, if you are a citizen of any of the cities mentioned above, you can enter the reference number we mentioned before and check your MEPCO online bill. Per the official website of MEPCO, there are almost 7276589 customers, out of which 6471718 are domestic customers. Multan was obviously the biggest region with almost a Million consumers. Next was Bahawalpur.

K-Electric is also an electric supply company similar to Mepco that provides the facility to access the most recent ke duplicate bill online offered by K-Electric, the sole power supply company in Karachi, Pakistan.

Bill Information

There are a lot of other pieces of information you can get from your MEPCO Bill. For example, you can see what is before the due date, what the bill is before the due date and what will be if you paid it after the due date. There’s a lot of other information as well like the date on which the meter reading was done, the number of units consumed by you and the tax that you are going to pay in the bill. You can also view your payment history on the bill.

Generally, your bill has a payment history of the last 12 months. In this way, you can see your payment patterns. You can also see how the bill varies each month. In addition, there is other general information like your name, reference number, address, etc.

Additional Information on the MEPCO Duplicate bill

Following are definitions of some of the terms that you may see on the bill:

Billing period

Period for which the bill is being issued.

Reference number

Dedicated number for identification of a consumer.


Charges approved by NEPRA for relevant connection type.


Sanctioned load for connection.

Reading date

Date of meter reading.

Issue date

Date of issue of a bill to the consumer.

Due date:

Date by which the bill has to be paid.


The provincial government levies electricity duty.

Total units consumed

Units of electricity consumed during the billing period.

The total cost of electricity

Cost of total units along with tariff.


Any amount to be paid as per installments allowed by the Competent Authority.


General sales tax levied by the Government of Pakistan.

The amount levied on account of non-payment of the bill within the due date

And there can be other information such as fuel adjustment charges, PTV fees, withholding tax, fixed charges, variable charges, billing demand, etc.

MEPCO Peak Hours

Owing to the infamous era of load shedding, MEPCO decided to have peak hours to discourage electricity usage in those hours. This was to save as much electricity as possible. Normally, these hours would be during the noontime in summer or when the temperature rises. Or when the consumers can turn on the electric heaters in the winter.

During peak hours, electricity costs more than the normal cost. These peak hours are also applicable for industrial and agricultural areas. This is done to optimize the distribution of electricity to the entire region.

Following are the timings of Peak hours:

April to October6:30 AM to 10 AM
November to March6 PM to 10 PM

Taxes in MEPCO Bill

No government organization can operate without collecting taxes from consumers. MEPCO also collects taxes from its customers. Some of the taxes that MEPCO collects are FPA, TR surcharge, FC surcharge, Deferred amount, QTR tariff adjustment, PTV tax, etc. Now let’s discuss these taxes below in detail:


It stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. It is the fuel pricing of the rental power companies that generate electric power from fossil fuels such as crude oil, kerosene, coal, etc. You can also observe that this price fluctuates with the fluctuation of prices in fossil fuel prices.

TR surcharge

TR stands for Tariff Rationalization. It is the difference between the NEPRA tariff and the GOP tariff. If the difference is positive, the Government of Pakistan pays it to citizens as a “subsidy”. But, if the difference is negative, then MEPCO pays it to the GOP. This will now be called IDTR SUR.

FC surcharge

FC means Financing Cost. It is a tax collected per unit to ensure the collection of debt servicing by Power Holding Pvt. Ltd.

Deferred amount

This is an amount that you have to pay. There is no due date for this amount. You can get this in installments. Or you can also pay this amount on the present bill or on the next bill. This is all up to your choice.

QTR tariff adjustment

This is a quarterly tariff adjustment. You pay it each quarter of the year.

MEPCO Detection

If the amount of units you have consumed is too low, then MEPCO can charge you with a detection bill. The detection bill can be due to various reasons. It may be because your meter is too slow. Or you have been following illegal practices like electricity theft or direct hooking.


MEPCO has done a really great job by providing its customers with such an amazing service. With this new step, you can check your MEPCO online Bill 2024. Where other public service companies are falling behind in this day of technology, MEPCO has made some great advancements in digitalization. If you have any more queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We are always open to your feedback and will make this guide even better for you.


How can I check my MEPCO electricity bill?

To check you MEPCO Bill. Enter the 15 Digit Reference Number In the above given section. By Pressing the Generate Button you will get you Latest Bill.

Can I Pay my MEPCO Bill Online?

Yes Paying You MEPCO Bill Online is very easy as all the New apps like Jazz cash, Easy paisa and almost all the Bank mobile applications allows you to pay the bill online just by giving the 15 Digit Reference Number.

What is the reference number?

It is a number that is used for the identification of a user. You can consider it as your ID number in MEPCO.

How do I Find my Bill Reference Number?

In MEPCO Bill the 15 Digit Reference Number is Mentioned at the the Left side of the Bill after consumer ID.

What does MEPCO Mean?

MEPCO stands for Multan Electricity Power Company. It was founded in 1998.

Can I pay the bill after the due date?

Yes, you can pay the bill after the due date. But you will have to pay an extra amount as a penalty.

Can I pay the bill with the MEPCO Duplicate bill?

You can pay the bill without any worries. All the banks and the centers that have the authority to collect bills will accept your MEPCO duplicate bill.

How to read the meter myself?

You can also read the meter yourself to calculate your electricity consumption. For this purpose, you have to notice the reading on the meter and compare it with the picture of the meter on your bill from last month. That picture will have the date on which the MEPCO agent read the meter. This way, you can calculate how much more units you have consumed by subtracting the previous reading from the present reading.

Can I check my April 2024 bill online from different devices?

Yes, you can. Following is the process for downloading your duplicate bill online from a mobile phone.
Open a file or web page that you need to print to PDF.

  • Top-right, press the three vertical dots button.
  • Tap Print, please.
  • Select a printer.
  • Save it as a PDF file.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Now you can pick the location where you want to save the file and tap Save.

Following is the procedure for PC

  • As the page is open, press CTRL+P
  • This will redirect you to a prompt that will ask for the printer.
  • On the destination option, select “save as PDF”
  • Click on the Save button
  • This will automatically download the MEPCO bill online.

Does the domestic and commercial connection differ in terms of bill amount?

Yes, it does. This is because the commercial price of electricity is more. Hence, the connection will have more amount. You may also enjoy different commercial connections subsidies if the GOP grants them.