MEPCO Rates 2024 – Check the Latest MEPCO Rates

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This website provides all the information on MEPCO rates for 2024. The MEPCO provided all the information required for a new connection including MEPCO Rates 2024. Here you can get information about the unit price, the new connection fee, the new meter charges, the free supply form, the new connection fee, the MEPCO withholding tax statement, and the meter reading.

A MEPCO customer must obtain an application form from a local MEPCO office within your area or available on the MEPCO website in order to apply for a new connection or report complaints regarding FESCO new connection, meter readings, and electric service. This application form is available in both Urdu and English from here.

Rates for MEPCO in 2024

As Multan’s electrical power company, MEPCO provides electricity to offices, homes, factories, etc. MEPCO manages all the electricity consumption in Multan. Mepco company’s tariff structure determines all of the rates 2024. Every year Mepco rates are changed by the Authority on the basis of fuel charges.

MEPCO Rates 2022


In the case of a new connection based on an application received by NEPRA, a notice will be sent including all security deposits and MEPCO’s new meter charges. Consumers who meet the eligibility criteria are approved for these charges. Through an approved application form, ALL connection charges are deposited in the bank. Security deposits will be refunded after disconnection. MEPCO has now updated its system now all the MEPCO users can check their MEPCO Bill Online.

Unit Rate at MEPCO

The amount of electricity consumed by the consumer will vary. Electricity consumption is converted to a unit rate after a meter reading. The MEPCO unit rate is listed on your bill. Electricity tariffs determine the unit rate. Unit rates are calculated based on a new structure every year.

Power Information Technology Company (PITC) is a company that manages and processes information on power companies. PITC Web Billing MEPCO allows you to know the MEPCO bill rates and consumption based on unit rates and other fees.

How does Unit Rate work?

The unit rate is the cost of every unit of energy used. Regardless of the tariff structure, unit rates are added to the bill that consumers consume. NEPRA will only charge consumers for units that they approve. There are formulas that are used to calculate unit rates, and these are expressed in real numbers.

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  2. I received a bill of 125 Units Rs.3181. consumer number is 13154140884801. and My Father’s bill of 110 units is Rs.1378 consumer number 13154140884800.

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