MEPCO Electric Bill and Tariff Rates – Understand your Electric Bill

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If you are a Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) consumer, understanding your electricity bill can be challenging, especially with the numerous charges and taxes involved. To help you navigate through this complex topic, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to understanding MEPCO electric bill and tariff rates.

This guide will explain the various charges included in your MEPCO bill and how they are calculated. We will also discuss different tariff rates and how they impact your bill, so you can make informed decisions and better manage your electricity consumption.

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MEPCO Electric Bill Overview

Your MEPCO bill is a summary of the electricity usage and charges for your home or business. The bill includes several sections, each providing details about your consumption and costs. The primary sections of the bill are:

Customer Information

This section includes your name, address, connection type, and billing period.

Meter Information

This section details the electricity meter installed at your premises, including the meter number, installation date, and current reading.

Billing Details

This section includes a detailed breakdown of your consumption and the associated charges, including the current and previous readings, units consumed, and cost per unit.

Taxes and Other Charges: This section lists the taxes, surcharges, and other fees levied by the government or the utility provider. These charges are often a fixed amount or a percentage of the total bill, depending on the consumption and other factors.

Understanding MEPCO Electric Bill Charges

To understand your MEPCO bill, you need to know the various charges included in it. Here are the most common charges and their explanations:

Energy Charges

Energy charges are the cost of electricity consumed by your premises, calculated based on the units used during the billing period and the applicable tariff rate.

Meter Rent

Meter rent is a fixed monthly charge levied by MEPCO to maintain the electricity meter at your premises. The amount depends on the type and capacity of the meter installed.

Fuel Adjustment Charges (FAC)

FAC is a variable charge that reflects the changes in fuel prices and other factors affecting the cost of generating electricity. The charge is adjusted every month based on the actual cost incurred by the utility provider.

TV License Fee

TV license fee is a fixed monthly charge levied by the government for owning a television set at your premises. The fee is added to your electricity bill and collected by MEPCO on behalf of the government.

Neelam-Jhelum Surcharge

Neelam-Jhelum surcharge is a fixed monthly charge levied by the government to finance the Neelam-Jhelum hydroelectric power project. The surcharge is added to your electricity bill and collected by MEPCO on behalf of the government.

General Sales Tax (GST)

GST is a federal tax levied on selling goods and services, including electricity. The tax rate is currently 17% and is calculated based on the total bill amount, including all charges and taxes.

MEPCO Tariff Rates

MEPCO tariff rates are the rates at which electricity is sold to consumers based on consumption and connection type. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) revised the tariff rates periodically based on various factors, such as fuel prices, generation costs, and inflation. The current MEPCO tariff rates are as follows:

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The domestic tariff rate applies to residential consumers with a single-phase or three-phase connection. The rate varies based on the consumption level, with higher rates for higher consumption.


The commercial tariff rate applies to businesses and industrial consumers with a three-phase connection. The rate is higher than

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