MEPCO Online Bill Calculator – Calculate your Exact Bill

Do you want to know how to calculate mepco bills? Use the Mepco bill Calculator here. The estimate bill amount will include all taxes based on the number of units entered. Calculating the estimated amount of my mepco electricity bill does not guarantee accuracy of the actual bill amount. However you can check your MEPCO … Read more

How to Apply For Net Metering in Pakistan?

Net Metering Application The DISCO office will accept all applications that comply with the DG’s requirements, as specified in NEPRA’s regulations. Acknowledgement of the application DISCO will acknowledge receipt of the application and inform the applicant if it has been properly completed. It will occur within 5 business days of receipt. A failing application form: … Read more

Net Metering Works in Pakistan – Is it Profitable?

Net metering is a policy in Pakistan that allows customers who own/plan to build Renewable Energy facilities to generate their own electricity and to sell their surplus electricity back to the national grid during off-peak hours or during times when the electricity production from these facilities does not meet the consumer’s needs. Either the consumer … Read more

MEPCO Rates 2022 – Check the Latest MEPCO Rates

This website provides all the information on MEPCO rates for 2022. The MEPCO provided all the information required for a new connection including MEPCO Rates 2022. Here you can get information about the unit price, the new connection fee, the new meter charges, the free supply form, the new connection fee, the MEPCO withholding tax … Read more