MEPCO’s Billing Process Works and Common Issues

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MEPCO, short for Multan Electric Power Company, is one of Pakistan’s largest electricity distribution companies. It serves more than 13 million people across 13 districts of South Punjab, making it a crucial player in the energy sector.

As a customer of MEPCO, it is essential to understand the billing process and any issues that might arise. This article will help you explore MEPCO’s billing process, highlighting how it works and common issues that customers might face.

MEPCO Billing Process

MEPCO follows a straightforward billing process. The company bills its customers monthly, which includes the cost of electricity consumed during the billing cycle. The billing cycle lasts 30 days, and the due date for payment is typically 15 days after the billing date. MEPCO bills its customers through both physical and electronic methods. Physical bills are delivered to the customer’s mailing address, while electronic bills are sent to the registered email address. Customers can also check their bills online through MEPCO’s website.

Common Issues in MEPCO’s Billing Process

Despite its simple billing process, customers may face issues while dealing with MEPCO’s billing system. Here are some of the most common problems that customers face

  1. High Bill Amounts

One of the most significant issues customers face is receiving high bill amounts, which they believe are inaccurate. High bill amounts may result from a billing error, meter tampering, or high electricity consumption. Customers can check their meters and contact MEPCO if they suspect any billing discrepancies.

  1. Delayed Bills

Another common issue is receiving delayed bills, which may lead to late payments and additional penalties. Customers can check their bills online or contact MEPCO’s customer service to resolve the issue.

  1. Disputed Bills

Customers may also dispute their bills if they believe their charges are incorrect. MEPCO has a dispute resolution process that allows customers to file a complaint and request a reevaluation of their bill. This process can take some time, but it gives customers a fair chance to resolve their billing disputes.


MEPCO’s billing process is simple, but customers may face issues while dealing with it. By understanding the billing cycle and the common issues that customers face, you can effectively manage your bills and avoid penalties. In case of any disputes or issues, customers can always contact MEPCO’s customer service for assistance.

This guide provides all the essential information you need to explore MEPCO’s billing process, helping you become a more informed and responsible customer.