MEPCO Net Metering – How it works and How Much can you Save?

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Your solar system returns to the national grid the electricity it saves after use. The more you save, the more you send to the national grid. The more credit will go to your monthly bill.

MEPCO Net Metering and How does it work?

Two-way meters in your enclosure provide accurate data about how much electricity is going to and coming from the grid. It may be cheaper to use electricity than to pay your bill, depending on the time of day. This process is known as Net Metering MEPCO. With this process your MEPCO Bill cost will decreases and you can get benefit of cheap electricity.

net metering

Net metering is offered by Mepco in most areas. Net metering allows you to generate more electricity. Your application may be rejected if it is not complete in its entirety, in which case you would have to reapply. To qualify for net metering, applicants must submit all the required documents along with their application.

MEPCO’s Net metering Benefits

  • Your bill will be reduced, and you will be able to increase your savings as much as you want since you will no longer waste any electricity.
  • This system is easy and low-cost, and does not require batteries or other expensive components.
  • Controls problems such as load shedding and low voltage.
  • It is equivalent to no maintenance.
  • After three or five years of use, the user is reimbursed for the costs incurred on the system. the system can operate for at least 25 years.

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